What is MNRF treatment?

MNRF (Micro needling radio frequency) is a revolutionary treatment which is used in variety of indications, treating acne scar, dull skin, stretch marks and pigmentation. This MNRF treatment involves use of radiofrequency through sterile gold plated needles. The micro needles of MNRF create micro punctures without damaging the epidermis and thus promoting revascularization, connective tissue & collagen formation. Also known as the collagen induction therapy, this treatment also work as wonders in treating ageing effects of the skin.

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How is the treatment carried out?

Micro needling RF is just a 20 minutes procedure with a down time of 1- 2 days. It is one of the most reliable treatment for acne scar removal in the category of collagen induction treatment. After applying numbing cream for around 45 minutes, the hand piece holding these set of needles are pierced through the superficial layers of skin and these needles break the fibrous bands leading to collagen remodelling.

Which age group is usually affected?

People who had acne at any point of time, have chances of developing scars. Especially seen in long standing cases of acne vulgaris, there is more tendency of acne scar formation. So teenagers can be treated with this treatment and patients above 18 years of of age , male or female are ideal for this treatment.

Rejuvenate Your Skin with MNRF Treatment at Satya Aesthetics in Gurgaon

Satya Aesthetics offers an advanced skin rejuvenation solution through MNRF (Microneedle Radiofrequency) Treatment in Gurgaon. MNRF Treatment is a revolutionary non-invasive procedure that targets various skin concerns, providing exceptional results with minimal downtime. Let's delve into the details of this transformative treatment offered at Satya Aesthetics.

Rediscover Radiance: MNRF Treatment at Satya Aesthetics, Gurgaon

Experience the transformative benefits of MNRF Treatment at Satya Aesthetics in Gurgaon. Rejuvenate your skin and achieve a radiant, youthful complexion with this innovative non-invasive procedure. Say goodbye to skin concerns and hello to renewed confidence with MNRF Treatment at Satya Aesthetics.

Things to Know


  • Is there any gender predilection for this condition?

    Irrespective of the gender, this treatment can be carried out in all the patient having acne scars , stretch marks, chicken pox scars and pigmentation.

  • How frequently should it be done?

    MNRF can be repeated after 4-5 weeks. In patients with acne scars it should be repeated after 4 weeks and at least 2-3 session should be taken tin continuation to reduce the scars. MNRF can be combined with other treatments like PRP, punch float or subcision treatment to target specific type of acne scars. MNRF is very effective in skin rejuvenation as well. In this indication the procedure is usually done at an interval of 3-4 months or it can be easily combined with other treatment procedures where the interval between sessions can be increased further depending upon the need. it is one of the best treatments for anti-aging effects as the amount of collagen it can produce int he skin is tremendous. In this indication the frequency depends upon the other treatments, which are combined with MNRF.
  • What are the indications?

    Patients with:

    • Acne scar
    • Pigmentation
    • Chicken pox scars
    • Large pores
    • Stretch marks
    • Dull skin
    • Wrinkles
  • How safe is the treatment?

    The treatment is absolutely safe and does not have much downtime.
    It can have a short downtime of around two to three days, where you can have small minor scabs for a couple of days and these scabs fall off by their own.
    There is slight risk of hyperpigmentation in case a patient doesn't follow proper sun protection instructions. In case of hyperpigmentation It is temporary and subsides in a couple of weeks.

  • Any side effects?

    Microneedling is a very safe treatment. Minor skin irritation might be seen following the procedure. Redness may persist for 1-2 days . Healing is very fast and the skin becomes normal within 2- 3 days. Some patients can have temporary hyperpigmentation if proper sun protection is not taken.

  • What will happen if I stop taking this treatment?

    MNRF induces new collagen production. Once the acne scars gets treated it does not come back again. If there is any new eruption of acne then scars can form. In other indications, however one has to repeat the treatments to continue the benefits.
    But this treatment can really make your skin glow for a long period of time.

  • What are the precautions?

    Follow the instructions given by the doctor and apply sunscreen on regular basis. Skin becomes sensitive after the procedure so avoid direct sun exposure for few days. A moisturiser should be applied before going to bed.This helps in faster healing.

  • What do experts say about this treatment?

    According to Dr. Shail Gupta a renowned dermatologist. MNRF is one of his most reliable treatment. This treatment works wonder in cases of acne scars. Resistant stubborn scars which fail to respond to other treatments. It’s a wonderful tool in the hands of an experienced dermatologist and the patient satisfaction rate is very high with this treatment. The best part is that the treatment can be combined easily with other treatment to give maximum benefit to the patients.

  • Can this treatment be combined with other treatments?

    MNRF is such a remarkable treatment that if combined with other treatments like PRP or subcision, then the quality of results are just over whelming. For anti-aging , MNRF can be combined with PRP to give best results as the collagen induction increases to a higher level.

  • Can we use make up after getting the treatment?

    Make up should be avoided soon after the treatment. Let the skin heal properly and then make up can be used.

  • Will the treatment make my skin sensitive?

    Skin becomes sensitive soon after the treatment. Patient must take care of his/her skin with correct use of moisturiser, sunscreen and medicines as prescribed by the dermatologist. In long run in fact, the sensitivity of skin is reduced significantly. And this is one of the treatments which is used frequently by dermatologists worldwide to treat sensitivity caused by steroid misuse on facial skin. People who apply steroids on thighs or face also have increased sensitivity and very very thin skin. In these patients MNRF induces collagen synthesis in the skin and helps in strengthening of the skin.

  • What is the downtime of the treatment?

    It has a down time of around 1-2 days. The skin looks red for just 1 or 2 days. No major swelling appears and the skin starts healing immediately after the procedure.

  • Is the treatment painful?

    The treatment is done after applying topical numbing cream, which makes the treatment very comfortable for the patient. Patient can feel slight pain or tingling after the procedure or during the procedure.

  • What is the duration of one session?

    A numbing cream is applied for 45 minutes and the treatment takes about 15 minutes to perform.

  • Which areas can be treated?

    Acne scars, pigmented lesions, fine lines, chicken pox scars & stretch marks can be treated easily with MNRF treatment.

  • How is this treatment better than the conventional facials at parlours?

    Conventional parlours never focus on acne scars and pigmentation. The facials provided in the parlours are mixed with bleaching agents and that is why people see glow after these kind of facials. But they never focus on acne scars as these conditions need scientific treatments and parlour facial just cannot treat them. MNRF is based on improving the blood circulation of the skin and henceforth inducing new collagen formation which in turn helps in regressing the scars to a greater extent.

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